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Primal Woman

Haux Haux everyone


Our modern world is craving for depth and connection.

People are feeling unfulfilled, lost and confused.

The heart centre is shut and it feels as if there is no way out. Cacao Medicine is the medicine of the Heart.


a time of healing work with Family Constellation; A deep look into releasing ancestral patterning and programming. We will end the event with a love bath: Traditional Cacao Ritual

Everyone is welcome. No experience needed. Every circle works on one client at time, unless it’s an open circle. Nevertheless, we all benefit from the healing as it all works as a part of the collective consciousness

When an evening slot 6-9.45pm – When a daytime slot single session 12.30-4.30pm

£60 for the client (constellated) and £33 for everyone else.

Feeling called to dive deeper into the Medicine of Cacao?

Join our Traditional Cacao Immersion as a preparation for those seeking to share the medicine as Traditional Cacao Keepers


Initiation of the
heart’s medicine

Receive the blessings
to run Traditional
Cacao Ceremonies


Brazilian &
Mayan Lineages


Learn Cantos


I will take you on a journey of developing deep self care and ancestral healing

In this initiation you will learn how to connect with the Cacao medicine as your spiritual ally.

I will take you on a journey of developing deep self care and ancestral healing

In this initiation you will learn how to connect with the Cacao medicine as your spiritual ally.


For many generations we have been disconnected from ourselves, the sacred mystery, and our roots

We will dive into an intensive
study of the traditional uses of
Mama Cacao as a Medicine.




4th – 5th of November 2023
12-6pm daily


Join two days immersion with the Traditional Cacao teaching for your Self development and Inner growth


Initiation programme


If you have been called to deepen your knowledge and build experience and grown connection with the Traditional Cacao ancestral teachings, it is necessary to have experienced the Traditional Cacao immersion prior to join our 21 days micro dosing Initiation programme.

Just like in the wild, experience is EVERYTHING.

Join as many rituals and ceremonies with our lineage as you can before to embody this calling.

Into this intensive Ceremonial Cacao. Tap into her mystery, the science, the energetics of this Indigenous Heart opening Medicine.

We will create a dream weaving space, activate the Cacao’s wisdom, and learn about plant energetics for ceremonies.

My initiation includes connecting directly with the Cacao medicine as an Ancestral healing

For those intending
to become a Cacao keeper:

This Initiation allows you to consecrate the Sacred Medicine of Cacao ceremonies.

A journey of healing steps will be guided at the end of the 21 microdosing days.

27 th of november – Blessing will take place on the 17th of december 2-5pm


Energy Exchange:



Self developer journey. This is the fee for everyone joining the Traditional Cacao Ceremony Immersion

Energy exchange for those attending the TRADITIONAL CACAO CEREMONY INITIATION- ONLY BY INVITATION FROM SARA! (Discuss your interest with her directly!)


Cost covers the Immersion weekend + 21 days microdosing with guided practices + blessing initiation ceremony) **If you wish to have a blessed & prayed Cacao please get in touch to see if we have any available

Energy exchange


Registration for Initiation

Let this medicine come into your life,
say Yes to a heart work experience. 

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